New Technology d.o.o. is an Authorized Representative of NIVELCO company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is creditable that those instruments are used with satisfaction, within a large number of industrial plants in BiH. In addition to providing a superior product quality, the concept of the NIVELCO New Technology team keeps commitment to establish long term and reliable business and partnership relationships with our clients.

NIVELCO company is one of the world leaders in the production of ultrasonic transmitters of various levels. With more than one million sold units of various instruments, Nivelco has established and maintains a leading position in the world market.

Through subsidiaries and distributors in more than 70 countries around the world, NIVELCO has proven to be a globally renowned and export-oriented company that is currently represented in almost every world market.



Water & Wastewater Industry- Food & Beverage- Construction Materials- Aggregates & Mining- Petrochemical Industry

Energy production- Plastics industry- Metallurgy- Chemical and pharmaceutical- Mechanical engineering



Hydrostatic Level Meter- Vibrating level switches- Ultrasonic level metering- Magnetic float level switches

Guided wave radar – Pulse burst radar- Capacitance level meter- Magnetostrictive level meter – Liquid analysis- Temperature measurement