SonoScape motivated by our goal and innovation, we planned from the beginning to have global R&D centers across the world. Since our founding we have established R&D centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Harbin, Wuhan, Tokyo, Silicon Valley and Seattle. Integrating global advanced technologies and resources, we are continuously investing into our R&D, and maintaining the advantages in our core technologies.

We are introducing more accurate and efficient medical solutions through innovation in technology, and providing a higher quality medical solutions for the patients. As a divers team of scientists, medical experts, researchers and product designers, we will keep creating and developing products and technologies for medical applications. Delivering accurate and efficient medical solutions needed by doctors of today and tomorrow.

Looking to the future, we shall continue to dedicate ourselves to deliver meaningful and accessible medical solutions for the benefit of patients and doctors alike.

With global service network, SonoScape provides comprehensive service solutions to our customers timely and efficiently, including technical support, spare parts support, training, field service, upgrade. SonoScape provides technical support through our highly trained and experienced service support team. An international team of professionals from all over the world, our staff are here to help you so you can quickly return to helping your patients.