The outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the associated severe acute respiratory syndrome has urged New Technology to publicize the fact, “for the monitoring of the patient’s condition and symptoms, the tests performed on the apparatus of the manufacturer Radiometer Medical Apps (Denmark) models ABL 80, ABL 8xx, and ABL 90 are of critical importance”.

We are currently able to deliver supplies and to receive orders from the manufacturer, so please plan and place your order in a timely manner so that even in the event of an escalation of the pandemic, the delivery process may function smoothly.

As a distributor of the Radiometer, we are unable to anticipate further developments regarding supplies of resources or to assume the possible effect of “force majeure” on supplies of equipment.

New Technology d.o.o.  as an socially responsible company, is resolved to set up a stockpile of equipment, and in accordance with our capabilities,  even in the event of shipping standstill, we will try to provide timely delivery.

We work closely with the manufacturer and the shipping companies and we will notify our clients of any changes in delivery status. Our staff is at your disposal for any additional informations.

For the diagnosis and monitoring symptoms of virus Covid 19, we can offer Immunochemical apparatus Snibe and ultrasound equipment SonoScape.